Memberships Benefits

Why join We Walk This City Training Program?

There are benefits to joining a walking program:

  • Regular meeting dates makes it easy to continue to stay active
  • Advice from experienced walkers on how to train, how to avoid injury, and how to improve your pace and set goals
  • Pre-planned walking routes with different distances and elevations to keep you challenged and motivated
  • Learn how to enter/register for events, receive team discounts for certain events and information about activities that you would not otherwise know about
  • Motivation and enjoyment from other people - you will find that the miles slip past on your long walks as you chat with new friends
  • Meet people with a similar passion
  • Discounts at stores and shops that support the walking program
    • Ready to Run offers a 10% discount on all purchases during the annual shoe seminar
    • Amy’s Ice Cream offers a 10% discount at the summer fun events
    • CPR Resources offers discounts to members for First Aid and CPR classes
    • Elemental Bodywork offers 20% discount on first time appointments
  • How to effectively train for events and a group to connect/walk with during events
  • Social support/connection and new friends
  • Encouragement via trainers and social media content
  • Free seminars and education from professionals supporting the program
    • Airrosti offers a free foam rolling class
    • Foot Solution offers free education
    • Ready to Run offers free shoe seminar
    • Elemental Bodywork offers free kinesiology taping for one event
    • Austin Emergency Center offers educational classes
  • Reduce stress, keep fit and lose weight
  • Make connections that may impact your world outside walking.  Such as career advancements, networking skills, mentoring, learning new skills other than walking such as social media marketing, and develop new colleagues
  • Walking regularly will keep you “young at heart”
  • Cool technical training shirts that connect you to the program and the community
  • We Walk This City members can connect and promote philanthropy work for Austin based charities.   
  • We Walk This City offers a healthy option to the community as well as make available free sponsorship for participants in our city that may not be able to pay.