Annual Training June -May 2019

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Train for full or half marathon, 3 season programs. Why join We Walk This City Training Program: There are benefits from joining a walking program: • A regular meeting date making it easy to continue to stay active • You get advice from experienced how to train, how to avoid injury, and how to improve • Good routes planned for you with different distances to keep you motive and challenged • How to enter events, team discounts for events, events and information about activities that you would not otherwise know about • You will get motivation and enjoyment from other people, and you will find that the miles slip past on your long walks as you chat with new friends • You will meet people with a similar passion • You get discounts at stores and shops that support the walking program • How to effectively train for events and a group to connect with during the event • Social support and new friends • Newsletter encouragement • Free seminars and education from professionals supporting the program • Any groups\programs helps you control stress, keep fit and lose weight • Members make connections that can be career advancements, changes, mentoring, learning new skills other than walking such as electronic\digital, improve or support you networking skills, and develop new colleagues • Staying active and keeping you young by being committed to other members in the program • Cool program shirts that identify you to the program • We Walk This City has a large member count provide education funding and promote other programs in areas that may need healthy options for their community as well as able to provide free sponsorship for participants in our city that may not be able to pay

  • Date: 06/16/2018 07:00 AM
  • Location: 1301 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Austin, TX, USA (Map)

Price: $180.00